Following are the benefits of an effective and high-quality insulation service.

  • Energy Savings

    An attic insulation upgrade can cut your heating and cooling costs by as much as 40%. More than 50% of an average household’s bills are directly related to heating and cooling costs. It is therefore a long-term investment in your home that starts paying for itself from day one. Enjoy lower energy bills and consumption that results from increased energy efficiency combined with decreased energy loss. Your roof is your first, and best, defense against the summer heat and the winter chill. A low-efficiency, poorly insulated roof can let in too much heat in the summer, leaving you with huge air conditioning bills. It can also let off too much warmth in the winter, leading to exorbitant heating costs. Our insulation solutions help you upgrade your home and start saving money at the same time. It’s really a win-win!

  • Increased Comfort

    You can simply put an end to uncomfortable living spaces and enjoy a refreshing, cozy and feel-good environment in your home. Apart from preserving the right temperature, insulation also reduces water vapour, humidity and external pollutants. Studies have shown that 40% of home energy loss is due to air infiltration and air exhilaration. Air leakages can make a home drafty, lead to cold floors, uneven heating levels throughout the home and could even lead to the development of mold. This can be noticeably reduced by proper insulation as well, resulting in an increased level of comfort for you in your home.

  • Energy Efficient & Eco-Friendly

    Not only will you enjoy energy savings but your home will become more energy efficient as well. Energy efficiency is crucial as governments and the public look for better ways to reduce the impact on the environment and the resources that are being consumed for shelter. In a time of global warming, changing climate patterns and the resulting impact on our everyday lives, if we all do a little bit to be more energy efficient, it can all add up. Wouldn’t we all like to minimize our ecological footprint on the planet? A well-insulated home can help you do just that.

  • Indoor Air Quality

    Indoor air quality affects every one of us, especially those with respiratory health issues like asthma and allergies. It can be significantly enhanced in a well-insulated home by reducing external moisture and pollutants. Breathe more comfortably and relish in the aura of cleaner, fresher air.

    Mould can have significant impact on respiratory health for occupants if left untreated. By adding insulation in the basement, walls and attic, the home can help to prevent significant air leakages or inefficient heat transfers that could lead to mould.

  • Property Value Addition

    Upgraded insulation helps improve the economic value as well as green value of your home. From a resale point-of-view, prospective buyers would likely pay a premium knowing that the home is well insulated and energy efficient, just as they pay a premium for more familiar renovations. The rising cost of energy bills means new home buyers and investors who purchase properties are more likely to be enticed by energy efficient homes because of their immediate impact on energy bills.

    For older homes in particular, there is a growing trend to retro-fit or remodel the home in order to appeal to a new generation of home buyers who increasingly value sustainable features in a house. Insulation is one of the most effective ways to convert an older home into a more energy efficient dwelling.

    Some insulation can be an effective fire-retardant, which can contain the spread of a fire to one location and prevent the complete destruction of the home. Insurers are also more likely to view these types of measures as helping to reduce larger claims and this could reflect in lower monthly insurance premiums.

  • Increased Roof & Equipment Life

    By reducing common moisture problems and ice damming issues, attic insulation helps increase the life of your roof. It can help to prevent drafts and relative humidity in your home, which could otherwise lead to costly repairs to eradicate mold or other contaminants. In addition, since cycle times of your air-conditioning and heating equipment are reduced, it helps prolong their useful life. This is yet another form of payback on your investment and one that can be quite significant.

  • Attic Inspection

    Our trained technicians will conduct a complimentary attic inspection before starting their work to look for problems or issues that could impact the health of the home and structure. Quite often attics can be intruded with rodents, racoons or other pests, which homeowners may be unaware of. This can lead to attic structural problems down the road as well as roof leaks and other preventative damage, which is costly to repair. Technicians can also inspect for any structural damage to the roof and recommend immediate attention that might have otherwise gone unnoticed by the homeowners. Our technicians will inspect your attic to make sure none of these issues exist and provide rectification solutions if they happen to be present. Therefore, insulation installation can be helpful in identifying issues in the home before they become costly or impact the quality of life for its residents.

  • Added Soundproofing

    Attic and wall insulation has an indirect benefit of providing added soundproofing as well. Adding insulation helps to reduce sound attenuation throughout the home. Experience a tranquil and relaxed ambience in your home where external noise pollution is minimized. For example, overhead noise such as jet engines under a flight path can be reduced. Wall insulation also delivers soundproofing between rooms and living areas within the home. The insulation in the walls can absorb sound better as it travels through the walls. This means more comfort for residents of the home as they carry out their activities in various parts of the house, without disturbing others in the home. The insulation can also act as a barrier to sound travelling in and out of the home which could be useful if hosting a late night party without disturbing the neighbours.

    Insulating the home is a wise and prudent decision for any homeowner. Whether the purpose is to reduce energy costs year round or merely to extend the life of the home, insulation can have measureable and practical impacts on the home and for its residents.


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