Attic Insulation

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  • Attic Insulation

    Attic insulation is typically in the form of cellulose or fiber glass loose-fill that is blown into your attic using specialized equipment. Cellulose insulation is comprised of shredded newsprint that has been chemically treated in order to be mold resistant and fire retardant. Fiberglass insulation is made by jetting molten glass through tiny heated holes in a high-speed stream. The resulting fibers are drawn very thin and to great length. The fibers are then collected into a matte to produce fiberglass insulation. The effectiveness of insulation is measured by its ‘R’ value, which in a nutshell is its thermal resistance. The higher the ‘R’ value the more resistance the material has to the movement of heat. It also helps to reduce heat loss in the home by sealing air leaks. Generally, adding attic insulation delivers the greatest return on investment for most Canadian homes. According to government and industry measurements, heat loss can be reduced as much as 75-80% by insulating the attic with the recommended R50 or R60 insulation.


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